Who are we?

So once upon a pizza, there were these two brothers: Frank and Dan Carney who lived in Wichita, Kansas.

As they wandered through town, they noticed a distinct lack of anything yummy. So they built a small, 25-seat restaurant. That mushroomed, as these things do, into more than  13,000 restaurants across 87 countries. In the UK, Pizza Hut Restaurants  employs over 8,000 people in over 300 restaurants. So you could say it’s gone rather well. If you have the brains, heart and courage, you can achieve great things at Pizza Hut too. (You see? Kansas? Wizard of Oz? Ahem, OK.) 

What’s it like to work here?

The average person spends 40 hours a week at work. So in total that’s [quick tip tap on the old calculator] 90,360 hours of your life at work! 90,360 hours?! Don’t you think it should be fun? We do. Much of that is about behaviour. We choose to behave in a way that’s best for ourselves and best for others. No prima donnas, no work-shy clockwatchers. We treat each other well and encourage each other’s ideas. We do nice things like say ‘thank you’ and if a workmate’s struggling we leap to their rescue.  There’s a lot of love in the room.

What can you expect in return?

Exceptional training, check. Great benefits, double check. This is the kind of place where hard work = getting something back. You deserve to fulfil your potential, so we make sure your training suits you and your particular talents. One size most definitely doesn’t fit all. (As we discovered with that dodgy jumper last week.) Then there’s our benefits package, offering everything from great salaries to flexible working to employee discounts. So we all get a slice of the action.

Bet you didn’t know we did this…

You might assume we spend our days thinking about pizza, laden with melting cheese. And you’d be righ-… Actually no you wouldn’t be right. On the occasions that we snap out of our pizza daydreams, we turn our attentions to those who need help.

Every year, we nominate a charity to receive our support for the entire year. Mental Health UK seemed like a natural choice for us and we’re incredibly proud that through this partnership, we’re supporting our guests, our people and our values. In the past, we’ve dressed up as rock stars and held Bokwa events. (Where you draw letters with your feet while exercising?) One employee even did ten marathons in ten days! (The rest of us watched. With cake.)

How can we make you even better?

The simple truth is, we believe in you. We want to invest in you and make sure you’re happy with how you’re contributing – and learning. The resources we offer are vast: from induction programmes and online learning, even the chance to study for professional qualifications. Think of it like you’re navigating your Pizza Hut career across a big road map. Or sat nav, if you’re feeling posh. We’ll give you everything you need to understand the business including: in-store training, mentoring, leadership, development, coaching and facilitation skills.